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Nine years and two rugby games

It has been almost a decade since the last time I was a spectator at a rugby match where I was not related to any of the players. As it happens, that last time also happened the be… Read More

OMBAC experiments

The thing about sports photography is that if you go out and shoot the same sport often enough, you find yourself taking essentially the same photo over and over. I mean, how many pictures of a guy passing… Read More

First PRP game of 2015

Given the number of games I attended last year, it’s hard to believe the PRP season is more than half over and I’ve only just now seen my first match of the season. I’ve been to a few… Read More

OMBAC vs Glendale

Photo set: OMBAC vs Glendale No time for a full post, but here are a few photos from last Saturday’s PRP game. Hit the link to jump to the Flickr album.

Rugby Saturdays

Another Saturday afternoon, another rugby match. Only a few more games, then my weekends will shift from rugby to Pacific Islander festivals.

OMBAC roadtrip

Last weekend a friend and I road tripped to the Bay Area to watch OMBAC play San Francisco Golden Gate. In rugby terms, the trip was pretty disappointing. The game itself was a dismal 52-15 affair, far and… Read More

OMBAC Family Day

Click here for the full gallery. Last Saturday was a rugby double-header for OMBAC Family Day down at the Little Q. It was warm enough to almost feel like summer, and the crowd was sizable for such a… Read More

Victory in the fight

I probably won’t write a post for every rugby game I shoot, but the OMBAC at Santa Monica RFC on Saturday is definitely deserving of its own space. From the rugby side of things, both of my favorite… Read More

water up

Yesterday’s OMBAC at Santa Monica Pacific Rugby Premiership match was killer. Out of all the rugby games I have attended, this one was probably my favorite. This moment happened early in the first half, before the clouds rolled… Read More

Rugby season returns

Hard to believe we’re already four days into February. This year is slipping by faster than I would like. My brothers play club rugby for OMBAC and last weekend the team kicked off their season with a home… Read More