Just start

“Half of us are waiting for permission; for someone to say okay, for someone to say do it, for someone to say that is a good idea, [for] someone to give you the money, [for] someone to give you the resources. When I just decided that I’m going to work with what I’ve got and give myself the permission, then it really started.”
Ava DuVernay

The hardest part of tackling any project is taking that first step to get it started. It is so easy to talk yourself out of doing something worthwhile or trying something new when you haven’t jumped in and committed yet. The potential risks always dwarf the potential rewards from your spot on the fence.

What’s the thing that has been kicking around in the back of your head? Figure out what the first step toward achieving or doing that thing is, and then go do it.

OMBAC experiments

The thing about sports photography is that if you go out and shoot the same sport often enough, you find yourself taking essentially the same photo over and over.

I mean, how many pictures of a guy passing the footie or wrapping up the opposition in a big tackle do you really need to make your point visually? From a player’s perspective, I suppose you can never have too many. But as the person behind the lens, sorting through hundreds or thousands of photos that start to blur together, you start to feel like the BBC’s modern version of Sherlock Holmes: bored.

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On the tension between virtual and real work

I posted this photo and caption to Instagram this morning:


Most of my daily work takes place in a digital space–website things, video, graphic design, etc.

These might just be fliers and tickets to you, but to me they are a special treat. An opportunity to pick up and touch something that I designed. That might sound a bit silly or overly dramatic–but the tangible, real world has a value and power that can’t be replaced by working in a virtual space.

I have thought about this tension between real and virtual often over the last couple of years. So much of our lives now takes place in digital spaces… how does splitting our existence between real and virtual impact our humanity? What makes tangible items so captivating? How does our relationship with the world around us affect our identities?

If you have thoughts on these things, I would love to hear them.

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