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OMBAC versus Belmont

Hitia O Te Ra Vahines

Hitia O Te Ra Vahines

Pukana Face

Kahurangi Maori Dance Group

Te Anuanua: HOTR’s Spring Recital

These photos are from Act 2 of the show and include the Kahurangi Maori Dance Company. Oooooh man, Kahurangi was amazing! Their mana was so strong and their pukanas were on. point. They were also lovely people.

As for the Hitia O Te Ra portion of the show — I’ve seen a lot of their shows over the last three years and I never get tired of watching them perform.


First PRP game of 2015

Given the number of games I attended last year, it’s hard to believe the PRP season is more than half over and I’ve only just now seen my first match of the season. I’ve been to a few D1 games, but only photographed one of those.

Last Saturday was postcard-perfect weather for Southern California. The second half of the game was particularly exciting with OMBAC mustering a much desired win from their Belmont rivals.