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In honor of the best person I know

I wrote this piece on June 29. Nine days later, mom had a stroke. She is doing great — amazing, actually. I mention it here as a historical footnote of sorts. The timing of the original writing was…uncanny…. Read More

Visual processing

People process difficult situations in different ways. I am mostly a visual processor. When I don’t have words, I photograph. What I can’t verbalize, I write. I could tell you about spending hours in a bustling Emergency Room,… Read More

Vanquish your fear, take the risk

Last night I wrote this on my personal Facebook page: For years I circled my Cook Islands inheritance with trepidation. I was afraid I’d be told I didn’t belong. I let the fear that I’d never measure up… Read More

On the tension between virtual and real work

I posted this photo and caption to Instagram this morning: Most of my daily work takes place in a digital space–website things, video, graphic design, etc. These might just be fliers and tickets to you, but to me… Read More

On turning 30

I’ve been 30 for a whole week. Thirty. Years. Old.  Thir-ty. There’s something about the number 30 in relation to years lived that makes a lot of people squirm (mostly people under the age of 30). It is a milestone… Read More

Balancing two communities

It’s a strange thing, belonging to two communities. Growing up in California with my mom’s family meant the pacific half of my blood had a minimal impact on my upbringing. Partly because my dad grew up a member of the generation… Read More

Gray sky day

Everyone knows that life in Southern California is an endless parade of sunny skies and mild winters that are the envy of every snow-bound resident in the country. Lately I’ve been wishing for a cold gray sky. Just… Read More

Garden Grove Open Streets

Last Sunday the City of Garden Grove hosted their first Re:Imagine Garden Grove Open Streets event. Three miles of main streets in the downtown area of Garden Grove were closed to cars, leaving them open for the community… Read More

Bandette: a review

Written by Paul Tobin, with art by Colleen Coover, Bandette Volume 1: Presto! was exactly the kind of light hearted romp I needed to shake off the excessive busyness of the summer. The first couple of issues are… Read More

Heiva San Diego 2014

I had such a lovely time learning to sew tifaifai at Heiva San Diego last weekend. Auntie Yvette is such a gem, it was an honor to learn from her. She is not just an accomplished seamstress with… Read More