Hey there!

My name is Melodie Turori. I’m guessing you clicked over here to find out who I am. Who I am starts with where I come from…

My parents are from two totally different worlds. My mom grew up in Los Angeles. Her roots begin in Nebraska and Arkansas and stretch back to Germany and Sweden. My dad is a native Cook Islander born in paradise and raised on another island nation, New Zealand. Destiny arranged for the two to meet in the Kingdom of Tonga, and ta-da! My parents are married, living in Auckland and expecting their first child.


Six weeks after my arrival our family of three hopped on a plane bound for California and we’ve been here ever since. Eventually our trio expanded to seven, plus pets and ranch animals. Crazy, right?

At this point you might be thinking, “whoa man, this is a little deep. I clicked over here thinking she might tell me some of her favorite hobbies or where she likes to buy coffee.” And you would be right. This is a little deep for an about page biography. Here’s the thing.

The people and the ‘enua (land) that make up where I come from tell you the most important things about who I am.

Family, roots, growth, truth – those are things my key values.

Oh, yes. I also value a solid cup of coffee that can be enjoyed black (or with a nice, house-made coconut milk that gets frothy enough for latte art). Give me a book if I’m flying solo or a friend who enjoys peeling back the layers of the world for an afternoon chat and that will be one of my happy places.

This is room to create

I choose to think of this site as my own studio and gallery. The exhibitions change from time to time as do the mediums (writing, photography, video). This is space to share what I’m creating and thinking, to share adventure and exploration.

I’m glad you stopped by. 🙂 I hope you’ll stick around to chat and/or share what YOU are creating.

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